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Organize your tasks with simple, feature-rich todos. Tag the, set priorities, due dates and notes, all in one.

  Task Lists

Organize similar tasks in lists quickly and efficiently. Drag & drop tasks from one list to another.

  Tasks by Text Message

Create tasks by text message. Set up your phone number in Settings and start texting us as (617) 300-0437.

  Tasks by Email

Simply CC or BCC track@taskup.com and you can turn any email into a task. It's like magic, but better.

  Cloud Sync

New tasks and updates are instantly saved for you. Yes, we threw away the save button.

  Instant Search

Search through tasks, due dates, and details, with instant results.

  Instant Sync

Any change that you make in on the Web, iPhone, iPad, or Mac is instantly synced to all devices, and vice versa. Goodbye, save button. Hello, cloud!

  Unlimited Undos

Because mistakes happen, you can always undo any changes that you make. It's like a time machine for all your tasks.


Stay on top of what you've got left to do. Get daily, weekly and monthly emails.

  Social Login

No one likes creating one more username and password. Sign in with Facebook, Google, PayPal or Foursquare with just one click.


We use bank grade security, all the time. Rest assured, all communications are encrypted. You can even enable clien-side encryption, for the truly paranoid.

  Analytics coming soon

Get insights into how well you do at completing your tasks.

  Group Collaboration coming soon

Dreamed of collaborating on projects, live? Group access, permissions and notifications coming soon

  Native Apps coming soon

Get native on the Mac and PC, no Internet required. On top of our existing Web app.

  and More!

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